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Visitor Welcome to Bidston.

Thank you for considering booking a round at Bidston. Our course is our greatest asset and we try to keep it in top condition, and we ask that you do your bit to help us. 


  • Please rake the bunkers after you have played (even if you’ve needed more than a couple of attempts to get out).

  • Please repair your pitch marks on the greens and

  • Please replace your divots on the fairways.

Please avoid slow play.

  • Keep up with the game in front.

  • Be aware if for any reason you find you are holding up the game behind, call them through, otherwise everyone just gets frustrated.

  • Unless you’re Rory McIlroy, don’t wait until the game in front is 300 yds away if you’re hitting a 7 iron!!


Enjoy our hospitality after your game.

  • Our clubhouse is available to all our visitors, where Di and her team will afford you a friendly Bidston welcome while you reflect on your round.

  • Don’t forget your discount voucher to get 15% off your green fee, next time you visit.


Memberships available.

  • If you have enjoyed your day. We have a wide range of membership categories to suit everyone, just ask for details in the pro shop or pop in to the office.

  • If your not ready to sign up just yet, ask about our introductory ‘Lifestyle’ membership that lets you buy a fixed number of rounds in advance at a discounted rate.


Finally, don’t forget to fill in your contact details for our free monthly draw to win a complimentary four ball worth £160!!!!

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