On the 24th May 1913 a meeting took place at the Grove Hotel Wallasey, where members of three local golfing societies, Grove, Warren and West Wirral, met to discuss their logistical problems of having to play their golf on the congested 9 holes of the Warren Municipal . They agreed to combine their resources and lease a piece of land between Leasowe Road and the River Fender to form a new 9 hole course. Within three months the new club was ready for action and on the 16th August 1913 the first Captain, Mr. S. Forsythe, drove off to inaugurate Bidston Golf Club.

Ten years later the club leased a further piece of land between the railway and the River Fender and in 1924 the course was extended to 15 holes. In the following year the course became a full 18 holes which was to remain unchanged until World War II. Like many other courses, Bidston had to sacrifice some of its land for farming and 15 acres were given over to the local farmers for ploughing and sowing oats. In the early 1950s the construction of the Leasowe housing estate caused the loss of the view over the sand-hills but, conversely, provided an access which alleviated the problem of members relying on railway staff to open the level crossing gates at Bidston station.

The construction of the M53 Motorway in the late 1960s deprived the club of 20 acres of land and the course layout had to be changed. Compensation for the loss of the land helped the club to maintain its facilities which had taken a serious blow following a disastrous clubhouse fire in 1972. However, the future of the club was secured in 1992 when the members were able to purchase the lease of the land and in the following year a new entrance from Bidston Link Road was opened. This allowed the club to close off the Scoresby Road access to all but pedestrians thus eliminating the annoyance of vehicular traffic crossing the course. The development of several plantations of trees has helped to restore the character and definition of the course

A major redevelopment of locker room facilities and Pro Shop took place in 2003.


Images of the original clubhouse.