Meet the Team

Here at Bidston Golf Club, we pride ourselves on being welcoming, friendly and approachable.  We want all to enjoy the experience that our Golf Club offers.  Below are key members of our team who will always aim to help.

     Management Team
       John Smith         - Chairman
       Pete Macleod    - Secretary/Manager
       John Rogan        - Treasurer/Accountant
        Mal Clayton        - Course Manager
        Dave Adamson  - Chair of Golf Development

        Pam Webb          - Club Administrator

Greens Team
Dave Squires     - Head Greenkeeper
Mark Finlay        - Asst Head Greenkeeper
Harry Hamilton - Greenkeeper
Sam Hughes    - Green

Hospitality Team
Di Jones
Kyle Jones
Margie Shakeshaft


Richard Ebbrell - Mens Captain

The position of Men's Captain for Bidston Golf Club is a privilege and honour.  We are experiencing unique times at present but I along with everyone else look forward to welcoming you to play our wonderful course.


Julie Hamilton - Lady Captain

As Lady Captain I am honoured to represent the Club.  I believe having a photo of the two Captains together on our website is an indication of the unity we have at our club.  We are warm, friendly and welcoming and I look forward to seeing you at the club or out on the course.