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Here at Bidston, we pride ourselves on our inclusive approach to golf.  We welcome anyone regardless of their background, playing ability, experience of golf (or life) and our main ethos is that life can be short – so why not enjoy ourselves. Our current membership ranges in age from 21 to 91!   There is a great sense of camaraderie and support within the club which extends to other sections especially when we have mixed golf events

As ladies, we can play golf every day if we want, however our main competition days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  For our ladies who aren’t available during the day, arrangements are made to play in competitions in the evening (light permitting). However if you’d prefer to mostly play social golf we have lots of social occasions that mark significant times in the golfing calendar such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

The year gets very busy during the main golf season with club activities, team matches, knockouts and opens at other clubs and we have quite an active social scene for those who want to dip in to things, everyone is always welcome.  A highlight of the year is Lady Captain’s final which is a great day each July when the two finalists who have got through the knockout rounds, play matchplay with us all following the match, we then celebrate with a meal (and a few drinks) afterwards.

If new to golf, you will be supported to learn the things you need to know and if you’re already experienced, we’ll look forward to learning from you.

If you’d like to sample playing at Bidston contact Caroline (our New Members Secretary) on 07756 915931 or email .

Kind regards

Trudy Restieaux (Lady Captain 2019)

Our 2019 Lady Captain finalists – Penny Plater (to the right of me) and Marie Morgan (to the left), sounds like a song I know 😊.  It was a great match that Marie went on to win but a great achievement by both players.

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Ode to Covid 19


Covid 19 is a pain

As we are all aware

I hope it doesn’t come again

So we’ll all stay and take care


We’ve not had anything so bad before

As far as I can remember

Best to stay behind closed doors

Until next September?


I hope it won’t be as long as that

As we have golf to play

So stay in and play with the cat

Until that final day


When the end comes – we don’t know

The only good news is

All  the house is good as new

Cos I’ve done all the ‘BIZ’


Washed the walls and the floors

Polished all the wood

According to the housework rules

I’ve done all I could


By Mrs Rosemary Coggins

Lockdown Poetry

Ladies Lockdown Video

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