Here at Bidston Golf Club we pride ourselves on promoting the development of our Junior golfers - Let's face it they are the future of our club.

The power of voice is massively important to our most celebrated game, so if you are a junior, always try and get some of your mates down to the club, to start to enjoy the game.

We are a family friendly club, so if we have members who have children or grandchildren, why not introduce them to the game that you enjoy so much.

And finally, for those who don't really care for golf, why not still get the family down to enjoy the game - they can play out on the course whilst you sit back and enjoy both the culinary delights from our great caterers and the refreshing, thirst quenching drinks from our salubrious bar. 

Swing Perfection

It is with great delight that we have an update  of junior member Ross Woods - Smith. A little older than the original swing, but once again what a shot. Even from the new video to the older pictures at Tommy Fleetwood's Academy there is clear progression.

How many of us would want to emulate this swing. I'm sure we would all agree that he is a young man with much talent and potential ahead.

One of the most promising things with this though is Ross' determination and application to the practice element of the game.  Keep going Ross!! It's a pleasure for some of us older guys to get inspiration from our youngsters!!


The second video shows how Ross is developing.  Excellent work. 

Well done!!

Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 00.29.36.png
Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 00.34.15.png
Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 00.34.55.png